Saturday, December 29, 2007

Mike Huckabee Should Not Be President.

We have seen Pakistan decline into some chaos with the Bhutto assassination and the leadership wizards in Bush, Gordon and Harper saying the elections that are scheduled for Jan 8 should still go ahead. What kind of cretins are these guys?

These elections are about to be boycotted by all of Pakistan's political parties but the one lead by the guy who staged a military coup and jailed or suspended the Supreme Court and now wears suits to show he is not a military dictator. Save us and spare us!

These guys harbour terrorists as well as aid and abet the Taliban's efforts to return Afghanistan to the 5th Century. And to top it all off - they are a nuclear power.

The scene shifts to Jan 3, 2008 and the pending Iowa Primaries for United States Presidential nominees of the free world. We have a shift in the leader board and Mike Huckabee is being touted as the Republican choice for leader of the free world.

If Huckabee wins Iowa and get momentum and is victorious in the this Republican nomination contest he has a shot a being President of the United States of America. Then he will have to deal directly and day to day with all he various foreign affairs issues facing the States and the rest of the free world. That is going to include dicey situations like Pakistan, Iraq, Afghanistan, the Middle East in general and minor irritants like climate change negotiations with China, India, Russia, Brazil et al - when, of course, he is not not fighting terrorists using money borrowed from China.

Rick Mercer recently spoke to then Governor Huckabee of Arkansas in his television show "Talking to Americans." Yes the same dude who is now aspiring to the office of President of the United States of America...that Mike Huckabee. His segment is in the in the first few minutes of this video and it is worth waiting for. Do not laugh! It is a terrifying piece of video wen taken in this context.

If he is that ignorant of Canada pray tell how vacuous he will be about Pakistan and the other issues he will have to deal with?

Please America, save yourselves and the rest of the free world from the Mike Huckabees in your midst.