Saturday, December 22, 2007

Romantic Comedies - Dubya's Antidote to American Angst

Please tell me this is part spoof and part "truthiness" but the context sure fits our man Steve’s sense of his friend Dubya to a “T” (not Mr. T).

When the third largest US federal department is Homeland Security and that was accomplished in a mere 6 years you have to laugh and cry at this item. What can you say if and when the leader of the free world would see a return to better romantic comdies as a solution to American angst.

Gotta love The Onion!


  1. Anonymous6:53 pm

    While it is in jest, I think commentators (including a certain premier out east) lose a lot of credibility and respect for calling our Prime Minister "Steve". While you may disagree with the CPC's policies and principles, there is no need for such petty insults.

  2. I never meant "Steve" as a petty insult - I meant it as a profound insult.

    Based on how the CPC has been shilling for the Bush White House -especially on climate change...and the fact the Dubya put that moniker on our PM - I think the symbolism is profound...and perceiving it as an insult is a subjective, and dare I say, a defensive assessment.

    A petty insult is saying Dion is not a leader doing so in cheap-shot campaign style attack ads outside the writ period so the money spent does not have to be accounted for to Elections Canada. That is Bush-league (darn there I go again) and an abuse of the spirit of the law. It is also insulting to the intelligence of the Canadian voter.