Monday, February 23, 2009

Canada's Privacy Commissioner Not Amused on How Net Neutrality Can Invade Personal Privacy Rights.

The Canadian Privacy Commissioner has weighed in on the CRTC hearings on issues of Net Neutrality and he is not amused. In considering the invasive privacy issues that would ensue (sic) by allowing ISPs to "manage the network" in the way proposed would be "less than transparent."

The Commissioner noted that some Canadians have already complained to him about invasions of their privacy by ISPs and "These complaints are currently being investigated." Good.

He goes on to note his office is involved in "conducting ongoing research into the privacy implications of DPI and Internet throttling, from a legal, policy-based and technical perspective." Good.

He is soon to publish a series of essays on privacy and Internet ISP issues written by international experts and will also be launching an interactive website to "facilitate public discussion and education." Good.

Here is a link to his submission and hat tip to Michael Geist for the heads up on Twitter.