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Monday, February 16, 2009

American Drones Patrol Manitoba Border

The stated goal of the RCMP, according to a CBC story, is to " in the fight against smuggling of drugs, alcohol and people." The American version of the reason to use drone surveillance, according to a U.S border protection official is "these are dangerous times" and it is important to know who and what is crossing the border.

The "what"threat to American security and border concerns is apparently dangerous drugs, alcohol and people. Oh yes illegal drugs from Canada has to be a concern. Perhaps the Americans are cracking down on their own seniors stealthily coming across the border in busloads and smuggling those cheaper Canadian pharmaceuticals into the States. that has to be the major national security threat from drugs.
As for beer who can blame Americans for wanting to smuggle Canadian beer instead of having to drink the tepid and tasteless beer they make.
As for people crossing the border, they are likely Canadian tourists heading off to warmer American climates to spend money and help out America with some recession fighting using some Free Trade Canadian cash. Be afraid. be very afraid of Canadians with cash and a hankering to spend it.

Yes sir. These are dangerous times. Unarmed drones are watching out for our best interests. And some human drones are doing some pretty shabby thinking on our behalf all at the same time. Can't pass up a two-for bargain like that now can we?


  1. As someone of the CBC National News mentioned last night, protectionism under a different name.

  2. As someone mentioned on the CBC National News last night , protectionism by a different name.


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