Friday, February 27, 2009

Harper Will Have to be Honest and Govern for a Change.

The Liberals are signalling a possible June election if Harper stays his usual course of announcing fiscal plans for stimulus and then sits on the sidelines. I don't think that will happen in June because Harper is more likely to just dig himself deeper in debt and trouble. Expect an election in the fall of 2009.

Harper is signalling now that he wants to take "short-cuts" and shovel the stimulus money out the door with minimal accountability for approval processes. He has already aid mistakes will be made but Harper would rather do this spending rapidly but not right. We need both test to be met Mr. Prime Minister.

Without proper oversight expect Harper to steer funds to those ridings where he needs to retain or gain political support. Equity and effectiveness for the country or the economy will not be Harper's operational principles for fund distribution if Harper has his way.

Harper now as an accountability problem. He has to report to the nation on his budget performance at the end of March and the and of June. Harper is now hamstrung and must be truthful and transparent for the first time. He actually has perform in his job as Prime Minister for the benefit of the nation and not just his personal pursuit of political power. If he continues to falter and fritter away time and time again with a continued negative ad campaigns, partisan political pranks and half-truths he will face certain defeat in the next election.

Harper has lied to us repeatedly and particulalry in the last election about the economic realities we were facing and about to face...even promising a fiscal surplus and no debt or deficit on his watch.

That deplorable dishonest behaviour is unacceptable. We need our political class to give us the truth that is delivered in a timely, straight and unvarnished fashion so we can forward plan from a factual base.

It is questionable if Harper and his government is even capable of this standard of character leadership - at least if you look at his past history. If they are not adaptable to change and honest government then the voter has to get involved. Citizens will have to take charge and invoke the necessary change of government so we can leave the planet and our place in it in better shape than when we came into the world.

Get ready for a fall election Canada.