Monday, March 02, 2009

Ken on CBC Wildrose (Feb. 25, 2009)

The Alberta Image Problem comes from the embedded images of dirty oil. It is now an image that is set in the imagination of the peoples of the planet and the recent National Geographic feature is all the proof one needs.

What are we going to do about it? There are lots or good things around oul sands development to talk about and other events and activities that we need to apolozige for and get fixed but we need to get on with it in an authentic and authoritative way - not just media messaging and spin.

We have to get serious about the reality of our ensuring ourt foundational Albertan values are more aggressively and obviously aligned with our actions in oil sands development. Research shows Albertans want the oil sands to be developed the right way - responsibly - and not just rapidly.

Slick messaging and focus group tested slogans will do more harm than good and only serve to add to cynicism and skepticism and just undermine (sic) our reputation in the world.

Albertans want to be proud of what we are doing in the development of OUR oil sands. So far we have been mostly boastful about the size of the reserves and the enormity of investment levels. Albertans have not been given enough reasons to believe that we should be proud about how we - as owners - are responsibly and sustainably exploiting this vital resource.