Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Liberal Jim Wachowich Not Running in Edmonton Centre

My info is Jim Wachowich is not going to seek the Federal Liberal nomination for Edmonton Centre in the next election. He ran last time but not the next time. Mary MacDonald is eager and knocking on doors already. Will the Anne McLellan election machine reinvigorate and make the difference this time? Many Edmonton Centre Liberal supporters stayed home under Dion. Will new leadership bring them back?

Harper has forgotten and ignored Alberta and especially Edmonton. His Reform base thinks with Conservatives like Harper who needs a Liberal party? I expect many True Blue Tories, a.k.a Reform/Alliance types, will stay home this time to send Harper a message.

If I am right Edmonton Centre is once again up for grabs.

Anne McLellan in the Natural Resources portfolio in the Chretien government helped kick start the oil sands. Ignatieff gets the importance of oil sands development to the province and the country. He has back away from a carbon tax and supports Alberta's efforts at carbon capture and storage. He also calls for more investment in technology for the ecologically responsible continued development of the oil sands.

I'm still convinced we are into a winter 09 election. Will Alberta elect two new voices to Ottawa this time and send the complacent HarperCons a message? Linda Duncan and Mary MacDonald are the perfect candidates to accomplish both objectives? Here's hoping.