Thursday, October 29, 2009

Climate Leadership and Economic Prosperity has to be an Alberta Destiny

All Albertans and Canadians need to read the Pembina Institute and David Suzuki Foundation report "Climate Leadership, Economic Prosperity" released today.  Congratulations to the authors and thank you Toronto-Dominion Bank for funding the report.

There needs to be an open citizens debate about climate change.  It looks like Copenhagen is going to be a failure because the Amereicans are not ready and our Canadian government is too disengaged in getting the issues in a serious way.

So if the world fails to come to grips with climate change in Copenhagen, then Harper's hosting of the G20 in Huntsville Ontario in July 2010.  That will be the nest best chance to get something serious solutions happening on the climate change agenda.  Is Harper up  to the task?  Does he want to deal with the issue?  Will he even be Prime Minister in July 2010?

Here is book review on Green Oil, a book that frames the opportunity for Alberta to show climate leadership and economic prosperity.  These issues are just some of the policy and political questions that need to be discussed by Albertans.  One venue for that conversation is at

Hope you visit and share your views on the next Alberta.