Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Harper Cons Put Party Logo on a "Ceremonial" Federal Government Grant Cheque

This is not governing - it is just cheap political gamesmanship.  Harper government putting a PC logo on a federal government cheque is not proper.  Can we ever come to trust these guys to do what is best for Canada and not just politrical power.  Sure it was a "ceremonial" grant cheque because the real thing would never be allowed by the administration.

Come Mr. Prime Minister, these are tough times.  Think about us as a country as you go about the nation spending borrowed money that future generations will have to repay for years.  This is not just your public relations stunt platform, it is about the viability and ability of the country to survive the worst recession in 70 years. 

Who in their right minds can trust this bunch when they constantly pull such stupid and insipid pranks?