Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Come to Pecha Kucha and Hear About the New Political Compass.

Tomorrow night I am speaking at the Pecha Kucha event on The New Political Compass.  The doors open at McDougall United Church 10025 - 101 Street at 7:00pm and the presentations start at 7:30.  Tickets are $10.00 at the door on $9.00 online at

This Edmonton NexGen event is a very interesting and focused format.  There are 11 of us presenting with very strict rules of engagementimposed by the Pecha Kucha "culture."  Each presenter will have 20 powerpoint slides which will display for 20 seconds each.  None of the slides are allowed to have have text on them.  This is tight 6 minute and 40 second total time for each presenter.  Obiously your must have a point, make it resonant, ensure its compelling and quickly move on to the next slide...and keep going.  I imagine it will be like speed dating with an audience.

If your audience mind wanders you can always catch up...but you better not let that happen if you are a presenter.  The lawyer's sin of being more voluminous the luminous willl be punished with this format and punished harshly.  OMG - I may have to use a script.

It promises to be an engaging and entertaining evening with a wide array of important subjects and interesting speakers.  the event is called "Psst! It's a Secret" so maybe I'm not supposed to tell you much about it.  Come out anyway and have some fun - even if at my expense.