Reboot Alberta

Monday, February 08, 2010

Reboot Alberta on Rob Breckenridge's Radio Show

Here is the link to the podcast page of  Rob Breckenridges interview with me about Reboot Alberta event February 26-28 in Kananaskis and the Manning Centre for Democracy "Future of Alberta" event last weekend in Edmonton.

I really enjoyed talking with Rob on the changing political culture in Alberta. Sure are lots of changes.  Wonder what tomorrow's Budget will bring by way of changes.


  1. Anonymous8:02 am

    Why don't we invite a true conservative like Rob Anderson to reboot?

  2. Anonymous9:19 am

    How much money is Ken Chapman making off of reboot?

  3. Is Rob Anderson a progressive? Is that why he crossed the floor?

    As far as I know, REBOOT is for those who tend to progressive points of view to get together and discuss how to move forward.

    My guess is that if Mr. Anderson wanted to come and take part in that discussion, he'd be more than welcome.

    What Ken Chapman is "making" from REBOOT?

    He's "MAKING" a difference.



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