Sunday, April 18, 2010

Dave King on the Politics of Fear and Politics of Hope

We have a few statesmen in Alberta politics. Peter Lougheed always comes to mind. Well there is another Alberta man worthy of the respect as a statesman. That is Dave King. Dave was an energetic young man who spent three years on the road with Peter Lougheed as they criss-crossed the province meeting folks to revive and revitalize the Progressive Conservative Party of Alberta. They did the hard on-the-ground work that was needed to create the confidence and the policy base that the PC party has been living off for almost 40 years.

Dave King is retiring soon and is returning to his roots of political organization. He is going to be working just as hard and doing the travel and personally connecting with Albertans to re-engage in the progressive politics of the province. This time he will be working on two fronts. As a fellow instigator of Reboot Alberta Dave intends to continue to foster a progressive citizen's movement all over Alberta. He will also be organizing for the revived and revitalizing Alberta Party as an alternative political party for progressive thinking Albertans to support.

To get a sense of the mind and the substance of Dave King and to see why I see him as an Alberta statesman, read his latest blog post: The Politics of Fear and the Politics of Hope. We know that many people are being intimidated and bullied by the current government as they try to retain power by political force and not good government.

That culture of fear in the poilitical culture of Alberta was a major part of the conversations at Reboot 2.0. Dave has picked up on this reality and I encourage all Albertans to ensure that this kind of intimidation is stopped. Send the link to Dave's blog post to your networks and friends in the social service sectors and not-for-profit volunteer based organizations so they can be encouraged to stand up to intimidation and bullying.  That is the best way to stop it.