Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Will Integrity Be Returned to Alberta's Public Accounts Committee Tomorrow?

Will wisdom prevail tomorrow at the Public Accounts Committee and the decisoin to effectively muzzle the Chair of the committee be reversed.  I expect most Albertnas have no clue that yet another erosion of accountable and transparent democracy was done to us by the governmet recently. 

There are rumours that the anti-democratic decision may be proposed to reveresed at the Public Accounts Committee meeting tomorrow by the same PC MLA that put the motion forward in the first instance.  Here is a link to an audio broadcast of the Public Accounts Committee meeting scheduled for 8:30 am tomorrow.  You might want to tune in.

Here are some links to news items and some key blog posts that will give you some background on these events.

The price of democracy is vigilance.  Tune in on-line and hear what those who have your consent to govern you are doing.