Monday, May 17, 2010

Changing Landscapes in Calgary and Alberta

I did a short video for the Calgary ATA locals on what they need to do and be aware and engaged as community leaders and citizens of Calgary and Alberta. 

There is so much changing in learning these days and teachers are needed to be at the forefront of dealing with those changes. We need an expanded definition of learning, literacy and now we have no choice but to be lifelong learners.

There is another related video clip we did on Calgary's challenges and the impact on teachers and education that I will post later.

BTW the report on the Inspiring Education public dialogue initiative of Minister Dave Hancock is scheduled for release June 2. 

Cambridge Strategies is a co-sponsor of two public dialogues entitled "Learning Our Way to the Next Alberta" featuring Gwynne Dyer, David Peat and Scott Murray May 31 in Calgary and June 1 in Edmonton.  We are half sold with two weeks still to go.  There is obviously lots of interest in this topic. You can get tickets at