Friday, June 25, 2010

Bill 44 Guide for Teachers/Parents on Stupid Law Released.

According to news reports the guidelines for the application of the Bill 44 idiocy have finally been released.  I have not read them yet so I can't comment.  But based on the stupidity of the original enabling legislation that creates a capacity to persecute and prosecute teachers I can only imagine how angry this policy is going to make me once I read it.

Here is the link to the policy if you want to get at it before me.  Feel free to comment in advance of my review and thoughts.


  1. Anonymous9:40 pm

    Bill 44 is one of the most incredible pieces of progressive parental choice legislation in the province's history. Good on Hancock for passing this. We now need to go further and I hope this is debated at the Wildrose convention.

  2. How can anyone think that Bill 44 is progressive legislation? The intent of the Bill is to give power to silence anyone who disagrees. This law will, by its very nature, have a negative impact on social discourse and dissent in this province. It has already sent a chill through classrooms across the province.
    As with most legislation the impact will come from how it is used in practice however the insertion of Bill 44 wording in various pieces of other legislation is the NeoCon way of changing society and making it more restrictive and less diverse.

  3. Evolution is accepted as scientific fact and underpins new discoveries and theories in a a broad swath of sciences. It is increasingly accepted as part of courtroom evidence south of the border for Gods sake! What kind of shamefully blind and ignorant graduates will our system produce if this bible driven drivel is taken to extreme? Even a good rig hand needs to understand that the oil hes pumping is the crushed bodies of creatures extinct for millions of years. Where else could it come from?