Thursday, June 10, 2010

New Kids on the Political Block Event Shows a Yearning for Real Change in Alberta's Political Culture

Congratulations to Intervivos and Zohreh Saher in particular for creating the New Kids on the Political Block event yesterday.  Thanks also to Walter Schwabe at fusedlogic for covering the event with live streaming.  Special thanks also to Danielle Smith, Leader of the Wildrose Alliance Party and Chima Nkemdirim, the Chairman of the Alberta Party Big Listen project.  Then we need to thank the in person and online audience for attending and sharing their thoughts and concerns about the future of Alberta.

You can watch the event by clicking here but be forewarned - this is the entire event, not an edited version, so get a beer and enjoy some political conversation that is respectful, informative and meaningful.

In my quest to help Albertans dust off their citizenship and re-engage in politics and political culture, I get encouraged by these citizen based efforts.  The need to fix the democratic deficit in Alberta is becoming more of an issue for many progressive people, especially those who take the time and apply their talents to organize and participate in these kinds of events.  It is all aligned with the continuing spirit of Reboot Alberta where people are retaking Control, creating Alternatives to the status quo and Deleting the useless and harmful parts of old-style command and control, authority driven, coercive and power based adversarial politics of the past.

We need a new progressive, respectful, effective, curious and capable political culture that thrives on diversity and difference.  I see an Alberta renaissance, reformation, re-enlightenment and cultural revolution all happening at the same time.  It is coming none too soon either if we are going to continue to progress, grow and thrive as a province.