Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Proud to be on Alberta Venture's 50 Most Influential Albertans for 2010

I am proud to be on the Alberta Venture Magazine list of 50 Most Influential Albertans for 2010.   I know many of the others and agree with their designation. 

My "influence" comes from my recent political stands and my work with Reboot Alberta.  If you are a progressive thinker and want to see the future of Alberta NOT veer to the far right from the political culture war that is currently being waged between the Wildrose Alliance Party and the "Progressive" Conservative Party, you might want to join this citizens movement called Reboot Alberta.  You will find your tribe if you are a progressive thinker.


  1. Congratulations Ken

  2. Anonymous6:46 pm

    Reboot presumes that there's something wrong with Alberta. We need a truly conservativec government, be it PC or WAP. To suggest otherwise? What a joke.

  3. Congrats Ken, you deserve it!

  4. Bill Hunter6:39 pm

    Congrats Ken and welcome to the fraternity!

    Bill Hunter


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