Monday, June 14, 2010

Reviving the RebootAlberta Blog to be About Informed Citizens for the Fall Elections

I have revived the RebootAlberta blog after 6 months of hiatus.  I will be using it for information and activities on citizenship, citizen engagement, the democratic deficit in Alberta and the pending municipal and school board elections.  The first post in that theme is about the Edmonton and Calgary municipal elections. 

You can expect follow up posts on school board elections in the province as well.  I am encouraged by the increased interest in both orders of government, especially the number and quality of candidates I met at the Alberta School Boards Association Candidate School I presented at in Red Deer last week.  If you are interested in running for school board election, the ASBA is there to help you get started.

If you want to more about what you might be getting into as a School Trustee you may want to research the fiscal status of your district.  The Alberta Teachers' Association has gathered all the information together in a section of their website they call "The good the bad and the ugly."

I am also encouraged by the signs of citizen re-engagement in politics in Alberta based on the number of fine and qualified candidates running for Mayor in Calgary.  I know many of them and can assure you they cover a wide swath of interest and approaches to politics and governing.  Calgary will have a range of leadership styles and political approaches as it decides what kind of a city is aspires to be in the next Alberta. 

So visit the RebootAlberta blog for a more non-partisan approach to public policy and democracy in Alberta.  I hope you comment and share your thoughts on the posts there too.  I welcome guest blogs there as well. So if you are interested to writing about 500-750 words of your thoughts and commentary, send them to me by email