Friday, July 23, 2010

Alex Himelfarb Speaks Out on Chief Statistician Resignation

The former long serving and long suffering former Chief Clerk of the Privy Council of Canada Alex Himelfarb  speaks out about the resignation of Munir Sheikh as a brave and admirable act.

Here is an excerpt from  his post:

In Canada, our professional, non-partisan public service has traditionally been guided by the principle of "fearless advice and loyal implementation." This is based on the belief that governments work best when they have access to the best possible information, options, and advice – including what they may not wish to hear – and, in the end, democracy demands that the public service implement loyally whatever lawful decision the elected government of the day makes – whether the public servants agree or not. That's how it works when it works. I know Munir to be a man of great integrity, committed to the value and values of a professional, non-partisan public service.