Monday, July 19, 2010

Congratulations James Rajotte MP On Your Stand for the Long-form Census

Here is why I like James Rajotte and think he is one of the quality Conservative MPs we have, and for my money, the best Conservative MP in Alberta. He will pay a price for this breaking ranks from the Prime Minister's Office position on the long form census.  But isn't that what representative democracy is supposed to be all about?

Isn't good public policy supposed to emerge from a robust and informed public discussion of the issues by Canadians?  Are we not supposed to be able to assume we can then depend on a public policy decision to be taken that is based on evidence and the applied practical wisdom from those to whom we grant our consent to govern us.  Anyone in Canada seen that happen much lately, especially since Harper has been in power?

The scary top down command and control unilateral politically motivated decision making by Prime Minister Harper is wrong, reckless and abusive - especially to his Cabinet and Caucus.  It is no good governance and no way to run a country, especially one like Canada.  There are stronger words that get used in private by many Canadians when reflecting on the political style of Mr. Harper, including fascist.  I think that is a little strong but one starts to wonder the more we see how he actually operates and behaves with the levers of power.

Harper's position on the census means we institutionalize ignorance about much of what we need to know about who we are as a people in this country.  Such institutionalized ignorance and refusal to allow Canadians to become informed leaves Harper the political room to ignore facts and impose even more of his own beliefs on the country.  He could then be more reckless and abusive with his political power, and do so with even great impunity from his duty to serve the greater public interest instead of his own personal political aspirations.

We need an election in this country sooner than later. We need to make some real changes as citizens and voters in how we want our democracy to work in our interests and not just for the interests that serve the Prime Minister's agenda.


  1. Oh noez!!! Are you one of those evul "central planners" that Veldhuis of the Fraser institute sneers at?


  2. Anonymous7:15 pm

    The census as it stands is a violation of privacy. Shame on Rajotte for breaking with his party. I live in Leduc and will definitely not be voting for him in the next election.

    Time for a true conservative who stays true to his principles. Clearly, this is not Rajotte.

  3. Now how long will it take before ol' sweater vest Steve decides to can him? Or send him to obscurity? You know: the way of Linda Keen and Richard Colvin?

    Good on James Rajotte to come and speak out against his boss though.

  4. Indeed, a Conservative that might be a holdover from the PC days. Most things Rajotte does seem honest and motivated by integrity.

    Let's say it when it needs to be said: James Rajotte is a quality MP.

  5. Graham Fletcher9:51 am

    Ken: Not everything PM Harper (the most respected leader in the country) does is a right wing conspiracy to control and enslave. In fact the opposite is true. A reduced census reflects what many of us feel and delineates the difference between progressive / liberal tendencies vs. conservatives. and what even more of us ought to think before handing out even more details of our personal life:

    "None of your effin' business!!!".

  6. Anonymous4:41 pm

    Anyone notice how quite big business is on the census issue? Perhaps because they can pay for incredibly detailed data, whereas small business and local government rely on accurate census data. I don't understand how the libertarians can freak out about Big Government requiring a bit of info so that our civil service can do their job and ensure vulnerable populations get quality social services; and at the same time be oblivious to the fact that corporations build detailed profiles so they can sell ever more to us. For some reason were supposed to be afraid of the Evil State who is going to do some nefarious thing with our data but really in our context hasn't (due to proper checks and balances ie, FOIP, democratic elections. These same libertarians cheerlead the Corporation that harvest our data and monitor our social status, friends, purchasing power, credit history, even attitude.

    This policy is created to throw red meat to the conservative base (ie. hardcore libertarians) in the run up to an election where they need dedicated ground troops to do unpaid election work. The Conservatives are counting on the public reaction from institutions perceived to be left, to further motivate the base. The fact that it hamstrings a bureaucracy that controls how data is analyzed and interpreted is gravy. Suggested reading includes: The Prince - Nicolai Machiavelli, Right Side Up - Paul Wells, and this news story from Canadian Business for starters

  7. We don't live in the woods in the 19th century. It is the "effin' business of planners to ensure responsible development.

    Enough libertarian crap from people who drive on public roads... send their kids to public school and expect the health care system to be there when they get sick or have accidents.

    Sometimes the census isn't about government snooping; sometimes it's about planning. Granted, some of the questions are weird, but that's tweaking and pitching out the baby in the bath water stuff.

    If you really want to live a libertarian life... sell it all... and move into the bush where no one can find you... and you won't have to worry about the long (or short) census.

    ... but don't come looking for a doctor and a nurse or someone to plow out your country road to get your kids to school.

    As for Stephen Harper being the most respected leader in the country... YIKES!

  8. Anonymous9:24 am

    Not everything PM Harper (the most respected leader in the country)

    Ha Ha, you just have to be kidding right? If what I see is respect, you guys don't know your backside from your face. I needed this laugh his morning. It shows me how brain washed and brow beaten you people really are and how uncanadain this dictator has made his supporters.

  9. Anonymous11:01 pm

    Rajotte should resign in disgrace and hold his head in shame.

  10. Anonymous11:05 am

    check out

    great story. Here's a quote "This is a profoundly ideologically and philosophically motivated skirmish initiated by people who are highly attuned to the importance of the battle of ideas and the politics of knowledge. If you don’t understand this, you’ll likely continue to believe that the government’s decision to fight so hard to push this through is crazy. When in reality, they’re actually being crazy like a fox."


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