Wednesday, July 07, 2010

David Swann Calls on Alberta Progressive to Come Together.

Got a call last night from Alberta Liberal Leader David Swann giving me a heads up on his effort to reach out to progressive thinking Albertans to do politics differently.  As part of Reboot Alberta I am all in favour of that and pleased to see David making the gesture.

This is part of a larger discussion he and I had a week or so ago about getting a larger gathering of progressives together in the new year to really get serious about how we want to be governed,with whom and what are the core values we want expressed and applied by our politicians and in how we are to be governed in the future.  It has to be much more that vote for me and lets get rich quick!

To linear people that sound like a lot of navel gazing I know.  But the reality is we are so badly governed in Canada and Alberta these days that something has to change and dramatically.  I am of the opinion that major transformations do not happen incrementally from the status quo.  Something altogether new replaces the status quo.  A superficial example is with the advent of cell phones just try and find a payphone.  They have become virtually extinct. 

What is the transformational replacement for the inert, inept, and inadequate model of politics and government these days?  I don't think for a minute that the reversal of decades of positive social development that the Wildrose Alliance Party wants to accomplish with its social conservative "us versus them" approach to politics is the way to go.  None of the existing political "alternatives" are resonating.  There are 45% of Albertans in a recent poll said they had no confidence in any existing Alberta party or leader to adequately manage Alberta's growth.

As Monty Python said, "...and now for something completely different"  is where most Albertans at at.  The Alberta progressives are overwhelmingly committed to making a positive contribution to the province's future and feel their personal efforts make a difference.  How do we focus that commitment, energy and spirit into actual political and democratic change?  That is the question before us and I am delighted that people like David Swann are prepared to pose it dramatically and purposefully.

I will await with great interest what he and others like the fledging Alberta Party are ready to do.  There are progressive thinking people who are showing up and stepping up to the plate.  Time to take a swing and even more timely to make a pitch.  (sic)

Stay tuned Alberta.  This could get interesting.