Thursday, July 22, 2010

Vue Weekly Talks About Progressive Politics

Ricardo Acuna from the Parkland Institute has an interesting piece in Vue Weekly.  It is  on his perceptions of who is "progressive" in the Alberta political firmament.   He seems to settle on the NDP as the only party close to being what he sees as a progressive.  Fair enough but progressives Albertans are mostly not in political parties.

I would recommend reading the piece but also suggest people go to the Reboot Alberta site and click on the What's a Progressive link and read the thoughts of what is a progressive many non-partisan citizen participants in the Reboot Alberta movement.  It will add to the sense of what we are missing in Alberta political culture - even from the current progressively aspiring political parties.

If you red something at the Reboot Alberta site that resonates with you, consider registering on the site and become part of the broader progressive citizen's engagement movement in Alberta.

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  1. I didn't read into the statement of the Alberta Party that it "shunned" the term progressive. I read that it is open to anyone. I don't see how that makes it un-progressive. Most of the people involved (at least at this stage) consider themselves progressives... though I don't think the limited scope of the dictionary definition that Acuna uses is precisely what we mean.