Thursday, January 20, 2011

Obama Support Rising

There is a new poll of 1000 Americans for the Wall Street Journal and NBC News saying 53% of Americans approve of Obama's performance as President.  Too bad voters were not thinking that way in the November mid-term elections.

He is up 8% since December and his disapproval rating is down 7% to 41%.  According t reports on the poll, Independents have not felt this good about Obama since August 2009.  The other side (the dark side?) the GOP Republicans are not doing so well.  25% of Americans say they will bring the wrong kind of change to Washington and 55% said the Republicans are too inflexible in dealing with Obama. Conversely 55% said they trust - yes TRUST - Obama to strike the right balance with his opponents.  Looks like Palin, Limbaugh and Beck have over played their hands?  Here's hoping.

Looks like Progressive in the United States have woken up to the fact that showing up, voting and winning is not enough.  You have to continue to be an informed, engaged and active citizen if you want intelligent evidence-informed public policy. To stay aloof means you will be ruled by extremist ideological zealots.  The President can't do it all by himself.

There are lessons here for progressive thinking Canadians, and even progressive thinking Albertans voting federally and provincially.  Stop the fundamentalist and extremists from all stripes can ruin the country, the province and destroy a free and open society.  Apathy used to be Boring. Now it is dangerous to democracy too.  Alberta is waking up to this fact.  Will Alberta show up in the next election to change the direction and co-create the Next Alberta?