Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Robocall Fraud Coming Home to Roost on the Harper Government?

Looks like the boy the Conservative Party threw under the bus on the Guelph Robocall scandal is not going quietly into the night.  Michael Sona spoke out recently in a very extensive interview with journalist Michael Harris.  If convicted Sona goes to jail. His description of how controlling the Harper War Room was in the past election makes you wonder why anyone with self respect would volunteer for such abuse.

If you want a first person perspective on the Harper campaign machine and its machinations from someone who was there you want to read the Harris column in iPolitics.

Here is the money quote from Sona:

“I’ve learned three things from the Robocall Affair. Talking points aren’t always right; friends are fickle when you get in trouble; and I trusted the Conservative Party way too much. And one other thing. I’m ready to fight now and I’m ready to win.”

Expect as many tricks as there are in the CPC book of tricks on how to thwart justice by delaying the trial  any way they can.  Delay tactics is how they handled the original Robocall trial that found the Conservative Party lists were use for election fraud.  The evidence was too sparse to prove who actually did it.  One would think ethics and integrity would dictate that the Conservative Party would be working really hard to help find and expose the fraudster who misused their political lists. 

So far there is not a peep from the Conservative Party to indicate they are engaged in any way to help the RCMP find the fraudster. 

Not a good way for the Conservative Party to show citizens they want to help restore voter confidence in how they do politics.  Even OJ said he would do everything in his power to find who really killed his wife.