Monday, May 28, 2007

The Great Canadian Wish List

There is a new phenomenon out and about in the land. The Great Canadian Wish List is the brain child of my friend Taylor Gunn. He is the push behind the StudentVote movement in Canada as well.

Launched today in cooperation with Facebook and the CBC it is an innovation to get us thinking and sharing, as citizens, our ideas about the state and status of our country. The Great Canadian Wish List is using the power of old time television, thank you CBC. Then it is married to the new social networking power of Facebook. This produces a way that we can all participate and actually watch the viral nature of this mass connectivity unfold before us.

The idea is to make a birthday wish for Canada and share it with others. I was invited to be an early participant and "tester" of the fool proof system. Well I proved to be a better fool than the programmers were capable of proofing against. I am as intuitive as the next guy and being a guy I feel instructions are always to be used as a last resort.

This idea is absolutely terrific and one in which I encourage you to participate. Get involved. Just reflect for a moment on your hopes and aspirations for Canada? What are our strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats as you see them? Share your thoughts and wishes for Canada with the rest of Canada. It is fun, creative and even a bit confounding to someone my age.

This idea of Taylor’s may be just the ticket to banishing the collective bronze medal mentality of us Canadians. It may be the way we discover and disclose our true selves as we share our collective wisdom for the future of our nation. It is going to be an enormous contribution to our collective and cumulative sense of self as a nation. Nothing more! Nothing less!

Thanks for getting this going Taylor. Who knows? With your experiment in collective consciousness you may come to be seen as the midwife in a rebirthing of this nation. BTW here is the link to my birthday wish for Canada. I hope you will support it!