Sunday, May 20, 2007

This Site Allows and Likes Comments but Dislikes Anonymity

Thx to the Cowboys for Social Responsibility for correcting their post on yesterdays offering in this Blog. For some strange reason Blogger did not provide for Comments to be posted on “Rankled Reformers Resurrecting to Reject Harper.” CfSR thought I did not allow comments and they said so when they responded to he merits my item – and rather well I thought.

There is plenty of interest in yesterdays post so I thought I would try again with this entry to see if it would enable Comments that relate to “Rankled Reformers Resurrecting to Reject Harper.” It did not work. I have checked my site parameters in Blogger and Comments are enabled. I don't know what else one can do. Sorry!

I have been Blogging since late July 06 and have only deleted one Comment (so far) because it was libelous. I invited that Commenter to connect to me by e-mail and if they removed the offensive language I would hope he would resubmit. He did connect with me and we talked on the phone and he resubmitted a more appropriate comment as I recall.

I note that CfSR does not allow anonymous Comments. I find them offensive and often cowardly and say so very often. I wonder how others feel about anonymous comments. I am considering following the lead of CfSR and perhaps asking a Commenter who want to remain anonymous at least give a good reason for doing so.

Any thoughts? I guess without Comments on this post you will have to share your comments with me by email at: