Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Harper Cons Going Around In Circles - at NASCAR

So the Cons have gone NASCAR. Not only has Mr. Harper swallowed the Dubya strategy for policy and politics, he is now adopting some iconic American “culture.” By trapping his party into the drivers seat of a NASCAR to appeal to the Canadian equivalent of the Bush “Base.” Step aside Soccer Moms – there is some serious rubber to be burning here.

Will "StockCar" Day trade the wet suit for a jumpsuit? Will Peter “Bubba” Van Loan take on new tasks as Government House Leader a run the Pit Crew? I see they are racing in a Dodge? Will it become known and “the Tax Dodge?” Will anyone else be safe on the track if these guys get serious and try to win a race? I can see the Cons becoming reckless but not “wreckless” with this strategy.

The symbolism is breathtaking. We have the Harper Cons covering themselves with flash and dash, going around in interminable circles, as fast as they can, making as much noise as they can, without regard for the environment. They are doing all of this in front of a crowd who know they are paying too much to be part of “the spectacle.” The spectators are coming mostly to see the crashes and only mildly interested in what is otherwise happening or who wins and what that, if anything, all this really means for them and their plight.

I love it when reality imitates art – don’t you?