Sunday, October 07, 2007

New Poll on Tobacco Control in Alberta Coming Next Week

On Tuesday there will likely be a news release of a new poll that is focused on Albertan’s attitudes toward tobacco control in the province and the new Bill 45 tobcco control legislation. I have an advance copy of the poll results and they are very interesting indeed.

I will post some detailed analysis of how Albertans feel about the need to pass, enforce and continue to press for improved tobacco control legislation in their province. I will wait until once the news release it out.

The old Klein regime had tobacco control champions in Cabinet but none were able to get proposals passed the former Premier and Deputy Premier. With the new leadership of Ed Stelmach and Dave Hancock we have seen this dramatic change of heart in the PC Caucus that supports this life saving and disease prevention legislation.

For the record and in the spirit of full disclosure I have worked on lobbying efforts that helped a strong and determined health sector coalition get this legislation introduced and passed Second Reading in the last Legisltive Session. It is scheduled to receive Third Reading and Proclamation when the Legislature goes back in session in early November. Regulations over enforcement and timing of implementation are being drafted now and should get through Cabinet shortly afterwards.

Stay tuned. Albertans want to be leaders in wellness and disease prevention especially when it comes to tobacco.