Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Tristone Chair Calls Royalty Review Panel "Uneducated"

It is interesting to see the newspaper report in the Globe and Mail today where the Chair of Tristone Capital Inc. is apparently calling the Premier’s hand picked Royalty Review panel members “uneducated.” They panel is reported to include two PhD Economics form Alberta Universities, a professional industry based economist, a retired oil industry senior executive, a technology entrepreneur with a law degree from Columbia and a Chair who recently retired as President and CEO of the largest single line pulp mill in the world with a forest management area the size of New Brunswick…”hardly uneducated.”

Again the angst and aggression of an industry sector that has not been subject to sufficient scrutiny in the past is now showing in this name-calling reaction. This name-calling is not isolated – I am apparently a “Commie” according to one anonymous commenter.

I am reading the Tristone review with interest and will post my reaction to it soon. I trust it will have more substance than the media reported comments on the Tristone Chairman's opinion about the capabilities of the “Our Fair Share” Royalty Review Panel.