Tuesday, October 02, 2007

What Alberta Needs Now is Leadership - Not An Election

I noticed side by side news stories in the Edmonton Sun today, one by the Auditor General saying the Klein government had let $6B of potential energy royalties slip through their fingers. The next story the Auditor General said the Alberta pubic infrastructure deficit was estimated $6B and growing.

Coincidence? Sure! But ironic nonetheless. Klein said he had no plan…so this is not a surprise is it? Had the previous Minister’s of Energy been on the ball we would have the money to deal with the infrastructure deficit.

We have a social deficit now too because our social services sector can’t keep staff because they can’t keep up with wages in the energy sector.

Premier Stelmach, I hear more rumblings about a potential November 2007 election. That would be a mistake as so many levels. Take the time to get some planning done and some changes made before we rush to the polls.

Why would we go into an election now other than fear of the trends in the current polls? Not a good enough reason. We need leadership and we have already had the campaign to choose you in that role last December. It is time to lead - not run! And besides, polls don’t matter, campaigns do. The consequences of an ill-conceived and poorly executed election result can last for a long time in our Alberta.