Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Who and What is ""?

We see the energy industry pushing the slogan “Get it Right” in some much of their comments and communications. We now see a website that has a similar name… Coincidence? Perhaps!

Is this really an independent group of concerned citizens who are behind the site? Or is there something else going on here? Watch the video on the site of the news interview. The “guest” is clearly vague about the pointed questions as to who these folks and what this “citizens initiative” is about.

This may be an old school and popular American PR technique very often used by big business interests. Big Tobacco and (Big Oil?) have been notorious for using this tactic. They form these “ghost sites” and phony organizational fronts to try and create an impression that there is a grassroots concerned citizen’s movement. That movement just happens to be 100% aligned with the cause and claims of the business or industry sector.

It is kind of like the Quebec police who were caught masquerading as protesters at the recent meetings between Harper and Bush. The keystone kops were clearly trying to incite a riot so their comrades could move in with full force to “quell” the “uprising.” At least they got caught and eventually “fessed up!”

I don’t know if that is the case with this website but my Liberal friend Davberta has done some digging as to who is behind this site and he asks some critical questions. Visit him and follow the links through the site – then make up your own mind as to who is pulling the strings on this puppet.

More respect and credibility is being forfeited here by the energy sector if they are using these misleading and manipulative tactics on trying to avoid paying a reasonable and fair share royalty amount.

They would be better advised to set up a Facebook group in support of their cause. It would show some creativity and integrity too.