Monday, May 26, 2008

Bernier Resigns - Call in the RCMP Mr. Harper!

Maxime Bernier, the most troubled and troubling Minister in the Harper Cabinet is gone. Apparently he left classified Cabinet documents in a public place.

Prime Minister Harper is saying that the Bernier resignation is not related to Mr. Bernier’s recent escapades with a former biker girlfriend.

Mr. Bernier allegedly left classified Cabinet documents in his former girlfriend's apartment. I am not a conspiracy theorist but these are the reason and circumstances for the resignation, it poses more serious security questions than it answers.

I suggested the Prime Minister needs to consider a Cabinet shuffle when Bernier was shown to lack judgement. Now with Mr. Bernier's admitted recklessness and negligence and breach of trust heads have to roll and Harper is on the bubble to explain this. Harper can't delegate or duck the issues.

Mr. Bernier resignation only opens the issues and multiplies them. It closes nothing. The RCMP have to be called in to investigate and to review the security clearance status of all your Cabinet members and Parliamentary Secretaries.

Time for a face saving Cabinet shuffle Mr. Harper. This time your Cabinet must be chosen based on competence not just your compunction command and control of the PMO .