Sunday, May 25, 2008

Harper Caught in More Political Hypocrisy

Harper is such an old school politician. Say what you have to in order to get elected. Do what you have to in order to stay elected and don’t sweat any intellectual dishonesty and hypocrisy in between. In the old days before the Internet and the blogosphere, the public and the MSM would have forgotten such promises. Not any more because everything is searchable and can be monitored…by ordinary citizens.

This time the MSM has followed up and exposes the inconvenient truth about Stephen Harper's political style. Promising in 2004 to eliminate GST on gasoline over $.85 a litre but now it is hovering round $1.28 a litre Harper says there no need to fulfill the prior POLITICAL promise because it would make little difference on overall prices anyway. There was no need to make such a pointless and purposeless political promise in the first place Mr. Harper. Oh, I forgot for a moment, there as an election to win - at all costs, including making disingenuous promises.

The GST tax cut he did promise and make also has little impact on prices or the taxes Canadians pay. With gasoline prices up dramatically and inflation starting up, the 5% GST staying on – my guess is Canadians are paying the same dollar amount of GST at the end of the day anyway.