Monday, October 06, 2008

Harper Retreats From "Do Nothing" to "Do Very Little Too Late."

I see that Mr. Harper is now saying there needs to be a co-ordinated effort to deal with the economic crisis. Harper is now in full retreat mode.

First he has his mistaken mantra that there is nothing wrong with the Canadian economy, the fundamentals are sound...even as we drop 21% off the TSX in a month...DUH!

Next he says the best approach to the American metldown going global is to do nothing. DUH again. It is not what is he thinking. The real question is: IS he thinking?

Then he says Dion's quick response for a comprehensive coordinated consultations with the best minds involved with all the issues we need to address meet and come up with a plan within 30 days of Dion's election. Harper calls that a panic reaction. Hardly! Is is responsive and responsible governing.

Harper is a one-man show and thinks he is always the smartest guy in the room, if not the country. He need to only talk to himself in order to deal with policy issues. His solution to a global economic crisis is...DO NOTHING!

Well to day the retreat of Stephen Harper is just about complete. Bloomberg is reporting this morning that Harper, the Man Who Wants to be the First President of Canada, is calling for a coordinated planned effort to deal with the economic crisis. The retreat from Harper's economic policy is complete.

I can't wait to read his hurried-up and too late Campaign Platform he is finally releasing tomorrow. You only have a week to read and understand it Canada. Better cram and examine it carefully. Expect even more of Too Little-Too Late from Mr. Harper.

Too little too late Mr. Harper is the fundamental campaign platform of the Harper Conservatives this election and it is costing him. First he lost the trust of Quebecers with his insidious insincerity and cold, callous policy about arts and culture plus the heartless and harrmful incarceration of children for life sentences. And now you have forfeited the benefit of the doubt from Canadians with your distain and indifference for their plight and the coming economic calamity.

Harper is not worth the risk.