Saturday, December 05, 2009

Alberta Oil Magazine Article on "Green Oil"

Here is a link to an article by Patrycja Romanowska in this months edition of Alberta Oil magazine on the book Green Oil by Satya Das.  Most every regular reader of this blog knows Satya is my business partner and the book is a project of our company Cambridge Strategies Inc. but full disclosure is a constant duty.

You can read more about the concept behind the book at and join in the growing conversation amongst Albertans who are coming to the realization that we need to start acting like owners of the oilsands.  That means taking responsibility for the stewardship duty around how the oil sands are exploited.  We also have to ensure we get a good return on these non-renewable resource for now and to also protect the birthright and benefits of this massive resource for future generations.

Our government is nowhere near being even adequate on either of these two fundamental issues for protecting and adding value for Albertans as owners of the resource.  Citizens of Alberta are coming to the conclusion that have to re-engage in the politics of the times if they are to ensure this happens.  That does not mean coming back to politics as usual either.  There is ample evidence that the status quo is not working at so many levels.

There is a response happening to politics as ususal.  It is in the form of a new and emerging movement to reestablish the rights and responsibilities of  citizenship amongst progressive Albertans.  It is called Reboot Alberta.  Check it out here and here

Join in if you are inclined.  If you need to know more, visit these sites and follow the folks and bloggers who are engaged in this progressive political movement.