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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Why I Am Leaving the Progressive Conservative Party of Alberta

I am almost joining the ranks of 97% of Canadians who do not belong to political parties. I will still hold a Federal Liberal membership but I will not renew my Alberta PC membership when it expires at year end. I have been involved in the Alberta Progressive Conservative Party from the mid-70s.' and even took an unsuccessful run at a nomination as a PC Candidate for the 1997 election. I can no longer aid, abet and accept the PCs as my political home in Alberta. There are many reasons but last straws are what people notice. My last straw has arrived.

I take my philosophical political positioning as a social progressive and a fiscal conservative. To many that is an oxymoron but to me it was a balanced and comprehensive approach to governing. That is why I was so comfortable for so many years in the PCs even through the extremes and mistakes of all Premiers since and including Lougheed.

Well the Alberta PCs who are elected to government are no longer progressive, hardly fiscally prudent and as for having a conservation consciousness – forget it. They are no longer aligned enough with my values to continue to be my political home. I know from personal discussions, emails and meetings that I share that realization with many other disillusioned PC party members. They also see the other conventional political parties as merely variation of a tired, inadequate, exclusive and clubby political culture. The Wildrose Alliance is offering an even greater and deeper sense of the tired old conventional politics of a (thankfully) by-gone time.

I see no vision or enthusiasm from the PC government. I see no capacity to respond effectively to the complex changing times in Alberta. They are merely hoping to return to the Alberta of yesterday. They are waiting for commodity prices to return so things and be “normal” again and we Albertans will get to print yet another bumper sticker asking God for yet another boom.

Danielle Smith's Wildrose Alliance Party has deep roots in social conservativism and religious fundamentalism. Stuff they don't want to talk about - until they are elected. There is an unnerving sense that they are thinking that they can win an election with one narrative and once elected, govern the future of the province with another. It is as if they want to take Alberta back to repeat a time that is even farther back into our history. They want to take us back to the conservative times of Ernest Manning and Harry Strom with the added benefits of the moral metrics of Bible Bill Aberhart himself .They want an Alberta where the old TV sitcom series “Father Knows Best” would be considered a modern-day documentary.

So, after about 35 years, I am currently politically homeless, but I have hope. Reboot Alberta is the wellspring of my hope. I see is a way to find a more just, fair, inclusive, prosperous and progressive province. Reboot Alberta is becoming a political movement that is about a new kind of citizen-based pioneering leadership, citizenship and stewardship. It is not about gaining political power. It aspires to greater goals.

I sense from the growing Reboot Alberta community that we are at the trailhead of a new journey. It is a new personally accountable path where citizens take responsibility for the new situational dynamics of being Albertans. We are discovering that the new Alberta venture is about undertaking to actively pursue how we can adapt. That adaptation includes becoming an ecological enhancing economy and an inclusive, cohesive caring society with high levels of innovation, achievement and accomplishment.

I want my Alberta to be about a proud people, with organizations, institutions, industries and communities where our living and learning go hand in hand throughout our entire lives. I want a striving society that honours and encourages different ways of thinking, that is caring, curious, inclusive and diverse. I hope for a society that honours the gifts we all have as individuals and encourages us to strive for personal accomplishment for our own benefit as well as to the greater good.

We must be aware of and honour the past. We must be realistic about the present (think oilsands). And we must once again become engaged in accepting responsibility for the future and the consequences of our actions on future generations.

Reboot Alberta is going to be about citizens coming together in this spirit. Progressives will show an active intent of finding ways to empower, enhance and expand our capacity to design and deliver on a vision for better Alberta based on a more integrated, more inclusive and more accomplished society. We need to be sure our society is served by our economic endeavours and not the other way around. We must seek a better definition of responsible and sustainable growth. Growth and prosperity must accept that there are constraints of nature. We have to change how we measure success and progress. We must take a longer term view based on values, not just a quarterly accounting statement.

Integrating our economic and social growth has to be done in ways that promotes and produces adaptive self-reliant capable and confident citizens in a cohesive, creative, dynamic society. We have to constantly anticipate and adapt to find new ways to thrive within and respecting the capacity of the planet. This is to my sense the fundamental stuff of what we need for progressive politics, policy, governance and government in our Alberta.

We can’t continue to celebrate and expand our capacity to exploit as a species while continuing to ignore or try to engineer our way around realities of the natural ecological constraints of our place and the planet. Success can’t be about being a bigger “Have” place when others are destitute and dying – all too often due to our ignorance or indifference. I don’t what to merely strive for Alberta to be the best place in the world. I want it to be the best place for the world

I can't seem to find these topics of conversation happening much, if at all, in the dominant political cultures of the province these days. But I have been able to find a significant number of Albertans in the Reboot Alberta movement who are longing and yearning for those kinds of conversations. At the Reboot Alberta Launch at the end of November one of the participants called conversations "game changers." I pray that he is right. I am seeing that those conversations have started within the Reboot Alberta community. With some encouragement, tending and nurturing, they will gain traction and momentum. Then I would not have to find a new political home, I, along with others, will be building it.


  1. Anonymous3:39 am


    I see.

    YOUR vision, via the state.

    YOUR concepts, via coercion.

    A whole lotta socialist contradiction dressed up in wonky jargon like "...citizens take responsibility for the new situational dynamics of being Albertans.." and, "...the new Alberta venture is about undertaking to actively pursue how we can adapt..". Huh?

    Dude, your screed here is all about reheated socialism, collectivism, etc., with the only redeeming merit being that it is utterly incomprehensible.

    Society BY DEFINITION is "inclusive". How bout you do yourself and your prospective Reboot Alberta acolytes a favour and DEFINE a term or two?

    You claim to be departing the PCs, yet your rhetoric and talking points where Wildrose Alliance are conerned are ridiculously partisan when not entirely dishonest. Social conservatism? Puh-lease. Have you MET Danielle Smith? The most liberal libertarian leader in Alberta history?

    I thought not.

    Get a grip. Maybe reboot your relationship with reality before proposing grandiose megalomaniacal political schemes.

    Peace out.

  2. Another anonymous sniper comments from behind a curtain and speaks without any courage of their conviction.

  3. Ken, you have printed my thoughts much more eloquently and completely than I could have done. I've been "politically homeless" in the province of my birth for several years, now, and am clinging to the thinnest of threads of hope that a new political movement for the future of Albertans can grow, and grow quickly.

    We need to look back on a province that was once healthy in its natural habitat, and in its human condition. Of course, it is a rural myth that we were ever completely healthy in our human condition, but I have lived through times when we were in a much more stable and fulfilled position than we are today.

    Looking forward, we need to consider our people -- their health, education and livelihoods (not only in the field of non-renewable resource extraction, but in a broad spectrum of possible livelihoods. We need to consider our habitat. People should not be showing ever-increasing rates of cancers and other diseases born of an unhealthy ecosystem. We need a government that will have the vision to strive toward a healthy future for our such as you describe.

    Danielle Smith and her party will not provide such a future. To call her liberal would be something like calling a duck a cat. Ducks only quack. I have seen no sign of action within that party to back up the words she thinks we want to hear.

    You say that our present PC government lacks vision and enthusiasm, and I agree. I'll take it some steps further to suggest that this government has lost its focus in relation the people of the province, and exists to serve a select group of corporate influences. The word "corrupt" comes to mind regularly and often.

    I wish you the greatest success with your ReBoot initiative. How can I become involved?

    C. Jensen

  4. Hi Connie and thanks for the comment. You can get involved in Reboot Alberta by joining the conversations and groups forming at You can post a blog of your thoughts there and follow other bloggers and comment at

    You can send me an email of your contact info and we will add you to the In-the Loop list for updates too.

    Reboot 2.0 is in K-Country Feb 26-28 so block off those dates and check the websites for further details and announcements. Welcome to Reboot Alberta

  5. Anonymous10:07 am

    Reboot Alberta is not a political party. Who are you going to vote for? If enough people like you drop off, all you'll see is the Wildrose Alliance win with their extreme and ideological agenda.

  6. Ken - you have landed in a place that is beyond partisan. You are in a place where you are articulating what you believe in - and it is in the spirit of Alberta and community that is not found within our options at this point in time for a political party.

    You are also speaking to a change in how a political party works. Sniping has no place here, but rather open, honest and transparent conversation that is courageous. Reboot Alberta is about a new conversation in Alberta, a new conversation about Alberta, and potentially, new way of of having political conversations that are more about what we can do together, than what is wrong with others.

    I appreciate your courage.

  7. Anonymous10:14 am

    The fact remains, Ken, that Danielle Smith has turned AB politics on it's head within months. Your reboot movement however has done nothing, and will continue to do nothing.

    If there's anything Albertans can't stand, it's tacky catch phrases like 'Reboot Alberta'. You're doomed on that point alone. But to add to the pain, reboot is backed by a group of ageist, classist, socialist, coffee shop-hopping computer activists that have a moderate to severe Christ complex and most likely lack the social skills to deal with life away from the computer.

    Really Ken? Is this your plan?

  8. Scott Rowed10:30 am

    Ken, you have expressed so well the frustration felt by so many Albertans. For me the nail in the coffin was the Bill 44 fiasco, where the government clearly demonstrated that they don't even want to listen to parents, students, teachers, human rights groups or even their own minister of education. The agenda seems to be controlled by religious right and corporate interests at the expense of our environment, our childrens' education and our health care system. Yes, democracy needs a reboot.

  9. Anonymous10:47 am

    This is, quite literally, the best news I've heard in a long time. Don't let the door hit you on the way out.

  10. Interesting anxiety from another Anonymous WAP supporter. Reboot is not a political party. WAP is and was a merger of 2 other long time Alberta political parties over 2 years ago.

    Reboot launched 3 weeks ago as a citizens-based movement concerned about democracy in Alberta and the quality and direction of the political culture in our provincial governance and government.

    WAP has nothing to fear from Reboot. However they have lots to fear from Alberta citizens that are informed, engaged and active politically.

  11. Anonymous11:12 am

    Ken, what do you think of Renew Alberta? I used to serve on u of c student council with Chima Nkendirim. His debates with Ezra Lavant were legendary, mostly because he was so good at making Ezra look like an ass.

    If anyone can pull off a new party, it's him. I'm not particularly happy that he's backed by your reboot socialists, but we can weed them out when the time is right.

    Get involved Ken!

  12. Just Me...11:14 am

    Anonymous seems to claim intimate knowledge of the citizens involved in reboot alberta but doesn't display any real knowledge...

    It seems to me the old way of thinking form a partisan understanding of people - dismiss people who are doing something on their own and outside of a party do be meaningless in some fashion without seeing the potential in t (that could be had even for themselves).

    This is indicative of the entire partisan political experience in alberta today. Who could be more important or more powerful than those we elect or are involved in the parties of those we elect? I wonder... to be elected you still have to collect votes no?

    I think that Albertan's are mostly sick to death of any kind of partisan activities rants and politics. I think that may be true because the parties we have today are mildly offensive in their arrogance and it's just too hard to swallow anymore.

    I think that while reboot alberta might not be the answer (hard to judge though since it's just starting)that is is a powerful indicator of the political will of voters in alberta changing. There would be no way to mobilize people to meet and participate in public open discussions if there were not a growing need or desire for a change. Anyone who can't see that obviously belongs to the outgoing system. And doof riddance too.

    So let the people meet, discuss and share ideas. The true power in democarcy lies within the people themselves - they are the ones who will run for election, choose to support a candidate or party, donate money and time, talk to their friends, knock on doors and ultimatly vote - and the sooner people realize they are free to make these choices and that there are some viable options in alberta the sooner we will see all sorts of change in alberta.

    And as for the waves that danielle smith has made recently... I think this only underlines the point that people in alberta are looking for something fresh, new and viable. Ultimatly though none of those terms will apply to the WAP. Perhaps it will go down in history that Ms. Smith was leader of the wrong party at the right time - but albertans will see the wap for what it is, a party full of right wing conservatives who want the glory days back (note to all other parties though, this can be a powerful and driven force in election mode).

    All in all Ken I think what you have said is what I have felt for more than a year, maybe even two. Good for you saying it out loud.

  13. I am impressed with Chima as well and applaud the efforts to start a new political party. You misunderstand Reboot Alberta if you think it is socialist. The 88 participants at the Reboot Alberta launch included members of all political parties (including the defunct Greens) except the WAP. But we did have representatives participate from Preston Manning's Centre for Democracy.

    Reboot is more eclectic and inclusive than you suggest.

  14. Anonymous12:08 pm

    Nice to see you finally accepted what many likely sensed for at least the last few years, that you didn't fit in the Alberta PC party. So you're off to keep busy with the thinkers. Nice, since there's no room for intellectualism in most if not all North American political entities (just ask David Frum). Well, Socrates ideas caught on eventually, so I guess there is hope for democracy in Alberta.

  15. They want to take us back to the conservative times of Ernest Manning and Harry Strom with the added benefits of the moral metrics of Bible Bill Aberhart himself.

    And that's bad... why, exactly?

  16. Anonymous7:59 pm

    Because social conservatism is exclusionary, reactive, narrow-minded, myopic, unreasonable, and wasteful. Because social conservatism is a bastardization of true Christian values.

    I am a proud Albertan, born and raised, and social conservatism DOES NOT define my values. And don't anyone dare try to slag me as a socialist or communist or airy-fairy intellectual. Holding moderate and thoughtful political beliefs that advance progressive social policy and responsible fiscal policy is not akin to being a Bolshevik!

    Social conservatism is not aligned with the views and beliefs of the vast majority of Albertans, and I can assure the social conservative cadre out there that any attempt to impose your abusive dogma on the province will be met with the vociferous fight of a lifetime from progressives and moderates.

    We will strive for respectful discussion, dialogue, debate and consensus. But in the absence of reasoned thought and engagement from social conservatives, we will defend our province from being railroaded by a small and regressive cabal back to the 1950s. Do not conflate rationality and propriety with weakness or cowardice or apathy.

    You will not be appeased. We will stand our ground and we will fight.

  17. Anonymous8:02 pm

    Ken - really appreciate your candid and courageous post. It's not easy to walk away from something that has been a big part of your life for a long time. And it's even harder to admit to yourself that it's gotten so far away from you that you no longer recognize it.

    I, too, am optimistic about Reboot, and the streams emerging from it. Looking forward to the continued and GROWING online discussions and the February conference!

  18. Anonymous8:32 pm

    Ken all I got to say is wow what a great post, sure beats the "Ask Ed" in the genuine catagory. As for the other anonymous sniping it is suprising how partisan they are using old cold war era political catagories to make their point. I find you truly inspirational.

  19. Anonymous9:43 pm

    Given that there was representation from the Manning Centre, I can virtually guarantee that there were WAP members in attendance at your Reboot Alberta event.

    Ken, you crack me up! You claim to be taking the moral high ground with respect to your stance regarding "non-partisanship" and being open to a diversity of voices and yet any time you say anything in reference to the WAP it is almost always negative, judgmental, and bordering on outright hostility.

    Oh yes - but, silly me! You disparage my right to post anonymously and diminish my value in any conversation as a result. As a "private" citizen, I thought it allowed me the option as to how I choose to engage in the democratic process and participate in political discourse.

    Considering Danielle is a 38-year old, libertarian female, I'm unclear how you draw the parallel between the WAP and Father Knows Best. The irony is that your notorious title of "anonymous PC insider" puts you squarely in the "old boys club."

    "If we don't believe in freedom of expression for people we despise, we don't believe in it all." -Chomsky

  20. I don't disparage your right to privacy - just can't understand why you need to fear sharing your identity as you exercise your freedom of speech in a free and democratic society. It diminshes your credibility.

    As for WAP people at Reboot, I can tell you they were invited and welcomed.

    Your mistake is you assume Danielle Smith is the WAP. She is merely the leader of a coalition of traditionalists partisans. There is a long way for her to go to coalesce that group into a cohesive unit. Being as progressive sounding as she has been unnerves her fundamentalist base and makes real progressive's distrustful of her true intent.

    She has to prove herself to very different groups as she tries to pitch for a big tent. I admire her talents but think she is in for a rough ride internally. External expectations are already too high to be easily achieved. She is peaking because Albertans are piqued with Stelmach and his government. Not because she is perceived as a viable alternative - at least not yet.

    As for the Chomsky quote you presume I despise you and your ilk. Not at all. I don't even know who you are. How could I despise you?

  21. Anonymous10:01 am

    Chima's debates with Ezra only succeeded in spring Ezra's careere. Ezra had much better points and was a much better debater.

    With Ezra now in the Wildrose Alliance, we can look to true freedom in Alberta that we were denied when Ezra's candidacy was pulled in 2002 in Calgary-Southwest.

  22. Anonymous11:15 am

    Great Stuff Ken... Ted Mortons supporters have shown their treasonist colors as they elected Stelmach and have now left... Good to hear you are no better.
    If I had any respect for you, I would go back and copy and paste some of your posts from 2006 that raved about how wonderful the party was going to be with Ed Stelmach, and how Dinning would destroy it.. Sounds to me like Dinnings people are the only ones who are actually loyal to the party. Good Riddance

  23. Don Henderson12:45 pm


    I'm sorry to see you leave the PC party after so many years of active participation and long-time service. I think your timing is unfortunate.

    Many of us involved at the grassroots level of the party have been pushing for what we believe are timely, meaningful (and, yes, progressive) changes. This includes a reapprisal of the role of the party and its relationship with the government. As you are aware, it has been most difficult and at times seemingly impossible to bring about change; however, events have now conspired to such a degree that change is now inevitable.

    The new PCAA president, Bill Smith, in an initiative to modernize the party, has provided an opportunity for PC constituency associations and their members to engage the party in a wide ranging discussion on the party's principles and lack of public policy. It is a welcome beginning that we must take advantage of. Additionally, a policy resolution was passed unanimously by delegates at the 2009 AGM calling for a review of the party's governance model to ensure it is appropriate to the needs of the party and attuned to the times.

    Cynics may feel the changes are too little and too late; however, this will soon be determined, but we expect to push on.

    I'm looking forward to your group's declaration on what you consider as 'progressive' principles.

  24. Anon - all the 2006 blog posts are there for people to read. Stelmach was my second choice for leader. In fact even before the first ballots ere finished being counted and he was in third place, Hancock and I went to his team.

    People and circumstances change. People make choices. Going back to basic principles I have to move on from the PC party.

    And Don Henderson - timing is never good for this kind of decision but that does not mean it must be delayed either. I started to lose confidence when I saw the unnecessary retreat from the Royalty Review. Then Bill 44 was totally dismaying but I still held a glimmer of hope that change could come from within.

    Now with the mindless, unnecessary and mean spirited cuts to highly vulnerable developmentally disabled citizens, and exactly oppostite to what was in the Throne Speech plus other other breaches of undertakings by this government to fix these problems - I am not sure this government cares about much that is within their role - and it shows even less caring for people that are their responsibility and in their care.

    The intimidation at the party level and the compliance shown at going along to get along is not a sign of a healthy political organization. I have little hope that change can come to this government from the rank and file members either.

    Best of luck Don with your efforts to change from within. I am no longer able to keep that faith.

    Check out for some discussion papers exploring the concept of progressive principles. Saying them is one thing. Living them is another. But that is the challenge of democracy.

  25. Anonymous1:08 pm

    Ken always criticizes people for posting anonymously, but he allows anonymous posts because otherwise nobody would post on his blog.

    Ken likes to criticise people hiding behind their anonymity as a way to demean their arguments rather than addressing the points they have made and have expressed very thoughtfully.

    Remember this Ken, every politician is elected by secret ballot.

    This secrecy and privacy in the expression of ones political rights is critical to democracy.

    I view your attacks on anonymous posters as attacks on these peoples democratic rights.

  26. Anonymous posters can stay anonymous - but on a blog? Why? Tell us what you are afraid of that you must hid your identity. As for the "thoughtful" comments...most of them are just distasteful and personal. Hardly ever do they provide authority or evidence for their statements or accusations.

    People are entitle to theirown opinions - not their wn facts. Comparing a blog to a secret ballot is silly. Stay hidden and cowardly if you choose, but don't expect respect or credibility as a result.

  27. Hey Ken,

    Congratulations on your affiliation catching up with your evolution (Oops used the 'E' word, the WAP members are probably preparing to burn me at the stake already.) I've found your PC membership incomprehensibly incompatible with your rationality for some time.

    I'm a Dipper. Been a member for years, I ran for them provincially back in 2004 and I still identify with them both federally and provincially. Mostly just because I disagree with them less than any other party. I've always been prepared to accept that rational thought can be found within almost every party affiliation.

    Just one little thought on 'fiscal conservatism'. Did you notice that only two provinces entered the year with balanced budgets? Manitoba run by the NDP and Saskatchewan - run by the NDP for 16 years until just a couple years ago - and now dipping back into deficit with so called fiscal conservatives running the store. Similar examples of the record of 'fiscal conservationism' being one of massive failure can be found worldwide.

    I submit that fiscal progressives - for lack of a better term - have a better economic record than fiscal conservatives and it may be time to reconsider who the real pragmatists are.

    I think the real distinction is one Glenn Greenwald articulated the other day: Corporatist VS anti-Corporatist. I believe that both the public and private sector have a role in a modern mixed market economy and each do some things better than the other. Ultimately essential services like health and education should remain wholly public because the record is clear: government does them better and just as importantly fairer.

    The current fiscally conservative laissez-faire economic order has failed some fairly major tests as the recent economic flame out, failure of will at Copenhagen and the American gangster model healthcare system have shown.

    So synergistic buzzwords aside, if Reboot Alberta basically boils down to 'Essentially the same system but with nicer people in charge' it isn't really offering any kind of viable alternative.

  28. Anonymous1:55 pm

    You merely illustrate my point, Ken. You just called me cowardly when all I did is exercise the same right here as I do in a ballot box.

    The typos are bad enough but don't call me names. It demeans you, not I.

  29. This is not a ballot box. It's a blog. It is a conversation. I can choose to talk with you or not. I choose not to because you refuse to identify yourself.

  30. Ken, I believe that many members of the PC party are not really conservatives and don't know it. They are bamboozled into thinking the PC party is a winner and attach themsevles to it . If they really looked at their own philosophies they would see that they belong somewhere else. I applaud the work being done by Reboot Alberta.
    Many critics are so vicious that people find it difficult to support other ideas. Many people would be more comfortable in other parties. A change here 25 years ago would have lead to a much better PC party.

  31. Ken,

    Your blog! Talk to whoever you want. But I say enough talk. Let's get this movement into the form of a party and walk the walk. I will be at REBOOT this time for the whole weekend.

    To Ken (previously): What you said!!! Most people in my very "conservative" community think of themselves as Conservatives because... ummmm... well... they just are. The reality of their political views is that they could be anything as long as it was middle-of-the-road socially and fiscally responsible... honest and ethical and to which they really felt they could make themselves heard.

    Much of what my neighbours are looking for is something moderate, honest and fair... it just needs a label that lets them still maintain they are Conservatives... or at least not Liberals.

  32. Anonymous2:24 pm

    Moderate, honest, and fair. Sounds like anything but the WAP to me.

  33. Anonymous4:08 pm

    Sounds like Ken has realized that the PC party is predominantly a conservative party. Liberal federally doesn't fit with this mix.

  34. I continue to be concerned about the accuracy of your claims, Ken.

    "WAP is and was a merger of 2 other long time Alberta political parties over 2 years ago."

    The merger was LESS than 2 years ago. This is easily verifiable in terms of the public record.

    The Alberta Alliance has been around for less than 8 years, and the Wildrose Party was founded less than 30 months ago. It had been around for 6 months at most at the time of the merger. I accordingly don't know how else to describe "long time Alberta political parties" except as simply false. On top of this is the dismissal or belittling of the idea that Danielle Smith becoming leader represents a notable new development. Doesn't fit with the "same old, same old, back to the 50s" narrative, apparently!

  35. I appreciate the fact corrections Brian. The merger was driven by a desire to consolodate the vote on the two parties in anticipation of the last election right? There were prevous political party fromed by various factions of this group of disgruntled Albertans. Many of them have fallen by the way side over a longer time, correct?

    Why did the Wildrose Party form in the first place and didn't the membership just join the Alliance?

    You don't have to have been extant in the 50's to reflect a value set from that time today. My point is the underlying values of the social conservatives of today are tied to the same cultural values reminescent of the 50s. They want to return to that kind of society, at least on what they see as moral and family values.

  36. Anonymous6:56 pm

    Brian, the merger between the Alliance and Wildrose happened in February 2008 - so 23 months ago - give Ken some slack.

  37. I do have a problem with the issue of Anon posts, If you have something that is so important to say, say it with the dignity of humanity by letting the rest of us know who you are. I sometimes agree strongly with what Ken has to say and at other time I do not. but to couch my comments under the anon banner to me says that you are a coward.

    Michael Mott

  38. Anonymous10:17 am

    Calls us whatever you want. I just like the fact that we get under your skin.

  39. George1:07 pm

    Ken, congrats on stepping out on your own. That takes guts, but shows integrity.

    I haven't kept up with your blog for a while (not since I was flustered about Bill 44), but I noticed Don Braid mentioned you in his blog recently, and provided a link.

    I'm going to check out this Reboot Alberta you speak of, and would like to know more about the Wildrose Alliance before we vote again. Thank you for information I probably wouldn't be able to find elsewhere.

  40. Ken,
    Amazing series of comments here. I was quite stunned by some of Anonymous' attacks. Being one of the "socialist, can't-leave-my- computer, coffee-hopping" rebooters, it is pretty clear to me that Anonymous wasn't at Reboot and maybe that's the reason for the venom: he (I'm guessing: the comments seem pretty testosterone-filled) feels left out. Come on, Anonymous-- come to the next Reboot! You don't need to be so threatened by it, honestly. Ken is only one voice; come listen to all the others. We don't all agree, but we agree to keep the conversation going.

    Oh, and you don't get under my skin: I am just curious about all that rage. You might want to try a little deep breathing: floor hockey, yoga, skating, sex...they all work.

  41. Anonymous10:18 pm

    Well done Ken. Your intentions seem good. I always judge a person by their actions, and so quitting the Cons is significant.

    David Eggen


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