Monday, December 28, 2009

Anti-Smoking laws Cited as a "Great Stride in Medicine"

Interesting feature in the Edmonton Journal this morning on "Great Strides in Medicine."  It quotes Axel Meisen of the Alberta Research Council and includes the ban of smoking in public and work places as one of the "Great Strides" accomplishments.

"Anti-smoking laws and campaigns reduce public smoking""A clear understanding and acceptance of the link between smoking and health led to the banning of smoking in most public spaces. It's a global phenomenon, Meisen says.
'In the past, smoking was seen as a personal right, but knowing it endangers the lives of others has made most smokers more careful.'"

I helped make this happen in Alberta.  I was assisting a coalition of public health advocacy and professional groups in the lobbying effort.  The Libertarians hate this law but the common good has to trump individual sovereignty on occasion. This was one of them.