Sunday, December 13, 2009

Do You Really Want a Wildrose Alliance Government for Alberta?

I was made aware of this Youtube set of interviews of fans of Sarah Palin done at a recent book signing somewhere in the United States.  The tip came via Chris LaBossiere on Twitter and I want to thank him for the link.

The irrational exuberanceof the folks in this clip as the supports of Sarah Palin is unnerving.  They are people who have no idea about how she would govern if she won an election and that is truly scary.  These people are mouthing speaking notes and rhetoric without any understanding or reasoning behind what they are saying.

But don't get too smug Alberta.  I expect the same kind of interview responses would happen in Alberta today if such direct questions were asked of Albertans as to why we are supporting what the Wildrose Alliance Party really stands for.  The recend Angus Reid poll says the Wildrose Alliance Party now enjoys the support of 39% of all Albertans and 44% of rural Albertans.  Based on what?  Does anyone in Alberta really know the policy platform and capacity of this new party to govern? 

The Angus Reid poll puts the Wildrose Alliance in majority government territory in Alberta but without much serious expression, information or understanding of what the Wildrose Alliance party policies are or might become once they were elected.  Dannielle Smith is no Sarah Palin.  She is much more intelligent and enormously more capable than Sarah Palin.  But that is little comfort.  In fact that may be even more discomforting for Albertans once they start to think about it.  Thank heavens there is no immediate threat of an election in Alberta.

When thoughtful and capable citizen disengage from the politics of their times, they delegate the power to choose the direction and desitination of their lives to people like those in this Sarah Palin video clip.  These people do in fact show up to vote.  Political cynicism is a luxury that progressive Albertans can no longer afford.  The world is run by those who show up.

It is time for progressive Albertans to wake up and show up - or suffer the consequences.  That waking up and showing up is already starting to happen.  Reboot Alberta is the start of that shift towards a more conscious expression of citizenship. It is the start of a revitalization and a reinstatement of a more inclusive democracy in Alberta too.

If you, as a conscientious citizen, are ready to take back some control over your provincial politics, join the Reboot Alberta movement.  If you are ready to create and support some alternatives to the old-style politics of the past, join the Reboot Alberta movement.  If you believe that we need to delete some of the outdated and harmful approaches to politics and governance in Alberta, join the Reboot Alberta movement. 

If reinvigorating your rights and responsibility as a citizen of Alberta is not something you are concerned about, then get ready to be governed by the kind of values found in this Sarah Palin video clip. These people are not disengaged.  They are joining social/political movements.  They are exercising their influence.  And they are showing up to vote and support people like Sarah Palin.

The world is run by those who show up.  Govern yourselves according Albertan