Friday, July 09, 2010

Get Used to Incredible Uncertainty in Alberta Politics

Dave Clemenhaga once again provides a well researched and coherent commentary on things political in our province.  His insight into the implications of the rise of the Wildrose Alliance Party coincide with my own,  No wonder I like his perspective.

Since this post was written new developments sparked by the Liberal leader David Swann have triggered some serious conversations in progressive political circles about what to do.  Reboot Alberta has been instrumental in starting policy conversations amongst progressive thinking Albertan.  But the time has come to get more focused on the politics side of the progressive agenda.

I have been in a number of conversations with progressive thinkers in the province and the MSM in the past few days.  There is a plan emerging in my mind about how to use the conversation space David Swann has opened up with his invitation.  Expect a blog post on the ideas and events peculating around shortly.

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  1. Anonymous9:13 am

    I agree 100% with Ken that "the time has come to get more focused on the politics side of the progressive agenda." In my view, many of us progressives have over-concentrated on what policies are needed, without conceding that it's our job to roll up our sleeves and elect a government willing to implement the agenda that's already out there, whether in political parties' platforms or in the terrific stuff on the Reboot site.
    The "Let's talk" electoral cooperation ad of David Swann's Liberals has opened a door to the chance of a lifetime, especially since the conservative vote will be split down the middle. If progressive parties can put aside old rivalries and remember that job one is to elect a new government, the 2012 election could be pivotal. Remember that recent opinion polls show that the combined support for the Liberals and New Democrats (plus a few Greens on the side) at least equals that of the PCs or Wildrose Alliance Party.
    It's Stampede week in Calgary, so let me just add "let's get 'er done."


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