Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Dave Meslin Makes Sense of Citizen Engagement

Readers of this blog know that I am keen on progressive politics but also citizen engagement.  Dave takes on the presumption of apathy.  The presumption of apathy is challenged and seen as a function of institutionalized barriers and obstacles.

He explores my other passion of leadership.  Leadership is an heroic effort and a collective effort.  Leadership is imperfect and voluntary.  Leadership is "...about following your own dreams uninvited and work with others to make those drams come true."

His comments about political parties are very telling.  He rightly says that political parties ought to be the most obvious entry point for citizen to become engaged. Instead they be come unimaginative and uninspiring organizations that are so dominate by polling and focus groups they all crowd in the muddle (sic) and don't risk bold and creative ideas.

It is just over 7 minutes but if you are concerned about how to prevent, avoid, detect and correct what is hindering citizen engagement this TED Talk is worth your time and reflection.