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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Imagine No Harper

This link came from an anonymous comment on another post on this blog.  It is a little bit of satire you can spare 3 mins or so to enjoy and reflect on.
I know its anonymous and everyone know how much I detest anonymous comments.  But OMG if they used their real names they would be thrown out of public political rallies by Harper henchmen as Harper ducks and weaves to avoid answering questions.

There here is the link - enjoy:


  1. And just when I thought this beautiful sunny Sunday afternoon could not get any better - it just did!!


  2. Anonymous4:35 pm

    Thanks man. Love the comment:

    You may say I'm a dreamer

    But I'm not the only one

    Two thirds of Caaanada didn't vote for him

    Maybe we should have a coa-lish-un

  3. Nice.

    I don't know if you caught it but Yoko Ono had the video of Harper singing Imagine pulled. There are tons of videos of people singing the song (including politicians) and this is the only one I think she's had pulled.

  4. Anonymous11:09 pm

    Laugh it up.

    I will be laughing at you when Harper gets his majority.

    HAHAHAHAHA!. Bye Bye Progressive ninnies!

  5. Carlos Beca12:58 pm

    Well if we had proportional representation we would not need to be so concerned about a majority. This is why I cannot understand why people are so reluctant about PR. Hopefully it will come. If this guy wins the majority some of us may need to look for democratic pastures maybe in Lybia who knows?

  6. Anonymous7:28 pm

    2/3 of Canadians didn't vote for Harper.

    100% of Canadians didn't vote for a coalition.

  7. Anonymous7:55 am

    hi there,
    I'm glad to see the song making the rounds! I hate to post as anonymous, but none of the other options fit!
    I recorded that song as soon as I heard of Yoko Ono having Harpers (butchered) version taken down, and My Lady made it a video. We did it super fast to get it on-line as fast as possible.
    Anything but Harper lol. We will be hosting the video & song at: (site there, and proper content should be up later today).

    So... not we're not anonymous, all info is posted at youtube and will be at the site :)

    thanks for helping to spread the word!
    Mitch Krol

    PS. the three of us involved are not even voting the same way, this is really a "anything but Harper" at heart, and about a coalition... sure no one voted FOR one, but the idea of 3 parties that represent 2/3 of Canadians putting aside their differences and actually working together imo is a much more positive nad dare I say it, Canadian kinda thing!


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