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Friday, April 15, 2011

Are Canadian Youth Standing Up and Showing Up This Election?

Here is a video that is simple and pointed about youth at the University of Guelph showing up as citizens and encouraging voting to make a difference.  Lets hope this spirit spreads to other campuses and to other groups.

It is election time in Canada.  Time for citizens to take back control of our democracy.  Time for citizens to create alternatives to the status quo - and definitely time to get rid of oppression, intimidation and abuse through political power.

(h/t to Political Cafe for the link - a new blogger I recommend  you put on your must read list.)

We can't sit back and assume all is well with how we are governed or will be under a Harper majority when we see these scenes happening on a Canadian street to peaceful protesters.  Mass arrests of peaceful protester at the G20 that was more than twice the amount of arrests than happened during the FLQ crisis.

Do you think if we just concentrate just on the economy and not the integrity, accountability, transparency and honesty of those who want political power over us we will be well governed?  Of course it's about the economy but it is think it is just about the economy.  Think about this election.  Get informed and show up to vote and make a difference.


  1. Carlos Beca7:27 pm

    Although I think it is great that all of this is happening to encourage youth to participate I have to be frank to say that if I was one of them I would certainly be trying to get rid of this decrepit system. We now have no democracy to talk about. Democracy is not a system of people insulting each other constantly to obtain power. Democracy is not a system where to find out what the government is doing we have to apply and get documents blacked out. Democracy is not a system where 10% of the votes mean 49 seats in Quebec and 6.8% throughout Canada means no seats. Democracy is not a system where there is a different justice for elites and another for the rest of us depending on how much one can pay. Democracy is not a system where some parties have millions donated by corporations and moguls and control the media and other parties have to made do with individual donations. Furthermore we now seem to think that our children coming out of University with 40 thousand dollars in loans builds character. We are leaving a desintegrating Health Care System and a possibility that pensions are a thing of the past. To top it all secure jobs are now for the few lucky ones. In face of this we expect them to be excited about elections and a corrupt political system. We are lucky we are not facing a revolution. We should be the ones getting real and leave them some kind of a decent country rather than constantly want more and more for ourselves.

  2. Anonymous10:31 pm

    Suck it up progressive princesses. We are heading for a Harper majority and all your crying and whining makes my heart glow!

    Thank God for Democracy!

  3. Carlos Beca10:01 am

    I am not sure why you accept these emails Ken - they add nothing to the discussion at all. This is exactly what the majority is going to bring. Insults, less democracy and the consequences are obvious. But they are proud of it I guess and so the world goes. We humans just have a natural urge for destruction. We call ourselves more intelligent. We are probably the only species that self destructs.
    Have a real discussion you Conservative lackey.

  4. Point taken Carlos. I don't accept them all but on occasion I do because they are so unintelligent and always by anonymous trolls who think they have the right values and ability to govern us. The only way to stop them is to vote them out. Get some fire back in your belly Beca ;-)

  5. Carlos Beca12:56 pm

    I fully understand why you accept them, but this is so irritating because there is no discussion at all. If these conservative lackeys really believe they know it all then lets go at it. I do not believe in their kind of politics but I certainly am no coward. I do have the fire but I have doubts this system can be changed. I have become way more of a radical. Neo-Conservatism is not democratic and it is not going away through elections, not with the voting system we have. Progressives are splitting the vote and are as stubborn and as power grabbers. We need to clean up seriously.


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