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Friday, November 27, 2009

Reboot Alberta About to Kick Off & How to Connect to It!.

This weekend is promising to be significant for the 90 progressive Albertans who are attending.  What will come out of it is anybody's guess but the energy and enthusiasm going in is impressive and encouraging.

The Twitter hashtag to follow Tweets about Reboot Alberta is #rebootab.  The bloggers who will be there will be posting to their own sites.  Most of them can be found in the blog roll links on  They will also be putting links to blog posts on Twitter with the #rebootab hashtag.  Twitter users can connect that way too and find the blog posts about the event.

If you are not on Twitter but want to keep current on the conversations - and even participate by submitting your own comments - you can keep track by going to  That will have all the #rebootab tagged content on a real time basis.  This site is live now.

Saturday 9-12 and afternoon plus Sunday morning from 9-11 am will be prime time. 

If you a progressive thinking Alberta who is disillusioned, despairing and despondent about Alberta politics, Reboot Alberta may be the place to help you revive your interest in citizenship and the need to change from politics as usual.  Check it out and let us know what you think.


  1. Anonymous9:56 pm

    Hi Ken

    I think REBOOT is just what the citizens of Alberta needs.Done right it will force the GOA and poitician to stand up and pay attention.

    Who knows? Maybe(just maybe) it will be successful enough to address voter apathy and give those disenchanted a reason to be engaged and return to the voting booths!!

    I would REALLY like to see REBOOT be apart of "Ask Ed" series and be the "independent" presenters of the answer videos and perhaps show some impartiality and produce something that may be of value for Albertan's to use as a way of becoming informed(thu engaged)

    Do you see any hope of this??You have the respect of your colleagues and politicians..can you(and REBOOT) make it happen??

    THat would be sooo great.

    Great job to all those who have taken the time and commitment to do what is possible for REBOOT to succeed.

  2. Anon - go to to get involved in the progressive political community emerging in Alberta.

    I am intrigued by yoyur thoughts on engaging in Ask Ed. I expect individuals who are embracing the Reboot Alberta movement may do so as individuals. The bloggers who were at Reboot Alberta this weekend have been intensely involved and are now writing their preliminary thoughts. Go to for a blog roll to read the various posts.

  3. Anonymous10:22 pm

    Why do we need to "reboot"? This province is great as it is.


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