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Sunday, November 08, 2009

Toronto Star Covers Sayta Das' Green Oil

TORONTO STAR Business Section gives GREEN OIL, the new book by SATYA DAS, some great coverage.

GREEN OIL on the EDMONTON JOURNAL Best Seller List fourth week in a row.  Thanks for the support Edmonton.  On Line sales at are growing too. 

Had the chance to introduce speakers and participate in the World Wildlife Fund "Ice and Oil" presentations by Andrew Nikiforuk and Ed Struzik in Edmonton and Calgary last week too.  Lots of people showed up and there were lots of questions.

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  1. Graham Fletcher12:23 pm

    Ken: You posted last year a note regarding Dr. John O'Connor and his findings of vastly increased cases of cancer in Ft. Chip, now completely discredited by a review of O'Connor's reluctantly provided notes. Turns out as well that the supposed deformed fish found in the river was going through a standard appendage shedding, as normal as snakes shedding skin. Does it bug you that in so many cases, Al Gore's movie being a great example, that the Green movement continually demonstrates such disdain for the truth? And disdain in a grand scale.

    Al Gore's colossal Acadamy Award movie is now either banned or must be accompanied by factual disclaimers in schools in England, O'Connor's thesis is part of an Academy Award contestant movie while completely refuted by the College of Physicians and Surgeons, and the Green movement is finding so many scientists who are experts in the actual science (eg: Suzuki's expertise is other than atmospheric science) vehemently objecting to manmade global warming as junk science.

    Wht do you think should be the Green movement's response for instance to John' O'Connor lying about medical issues in Ft. Chip? Will you be blogging about this? What good did O'Connor accomplish for the people of Ft. Chip in alarming them about a bogus medical issue?


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