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Sunday, January 22, 2023



A sextant was an indispensable navigation tool in the early days of European ocean going discovery.

Unlike Heisenberg's Theory of Uncertainty, a sextant could tell you both where you are and where you're going. Are you on or off course and what do you need to do to make necessary changes and corrections.
But to do this you needed an irrefutable constant to determine where you are. For those using a sextant, that constant was the North Star.
As you navigate through your Citizenship Journey, as Rebooters, or as independent citizens and voters, do you have your personal North Star? What facts or articles of faith do you use as your known and reliable constants? Have you considered and calculated what is happening in your life-experiencing reality? Do you know where you are as an Albertan? Are your clear on how you got to you current reality? And are your clear about what you want in your future and how to find your way forward?
Alberta is entering into uncharted waters caused by events and issues beyond our control. Pandemics, the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Energy Transition, Economic Recession, and so many more changes are coming at us as Albertans.


There are still many things we can still do personally and in groups to respond actively and positively to these macro-dynamics, and to make the changes we want to actually happen. We do have personal agency and can take control of some aspects of our political culture up to, during and after this critical election.
The question for us then is will we take back Control? Will we set out on an Alternative course from the failing of the past? Will we be wise enough to Delete the harmful actions and assumptions of the past? Will we explore and Reboot ourselves and our province to co-create a Better Alberta?
Elections are prime times to define new directions and get moving into new future-fit destinations. Are you getting ready, as a citizen, to take effective election-time action to make the changes you want to see in public policy, government programs and political processes? Do you accept that an informed citizenship and purposeful voting is a personal duty in a Free and Democratic Society?


We will not get a better Alberta until we become Better Citizens and, in the process, become Better Voters. Are you willing to do what you can to become a Better Voter this election and beyond? That means investing your time to decide what is important to you and your family in these uncertain times for Alberta. It means taking the time to step up and raise your awareness of what's happening, and improving the quality of your information on issues and events.

Then are you able to invest and donate into the democratic process? You donate to a local candidate, or a political party, or even an interest group who is active in pressing for change in a policy area.

Remember, democracy is influenced and run by those who show up.


  1. No matter how informed I get I am still surrounded by Alberta MAGA hats and F*** Turdeau flags who get one ignorant equal democratic vote each, too who would rather be wrong than admit it.

  2. Anonymous8:43 pm

    Democracy is a gift that we must both treasure and nurture. Thanks for calling on all Albertans to step up.


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