Thursday, November 02, 2006

Hancock and Dinning are the Green Candidates

The Conservation Voters of Alberta, a consortium of Alberta's environental groups today endorsed Hancock and Dinning as "Two leadership candidates (who) are knowledgeable and open about environmental problems facing Alberta and they have given considerable thought to developing and articulating solutions to these problems."

Dave Hancock's Statement in response to the endorsement follows:

"I am very pleased that the Conservation Voters of Alberta have endorsed my 21st Century Environment Plan for Alberta in their announcement earlier today. Other candidates believe Alberta does a great job protecting its environment. I believe Alberta has done a good job protecting its environment, not a great job. We need to do a great job. It means setting standards on climate change and enforcing them and being a leader there. I am committed to being the leader that sets and meets those standards."

In areas where we have economic development activities, we must ensure minimal impact and damage is done, especially to wildlife habitat. Reclamation and restoration of industry sites, roads, and other fragmenting disturbances have to be redressed in a timely and consistent way, after industry activity has ceased. Doing this is an essential characteristic of good corporate citizenship in Alberta, and for those companies who don’t get it or who fail, refuse, or neglect to comply - there will be serious legal and financial consequences. We do not want to look into our grandchildren’s eyes when they ask what happened to their land, water and air only to say “we used it all up.” Saying we are sorry will not be good enough."

The "Send 'Em a Message" survey still shows the environment at the strongest priority policy issue driver for the 185 survey participants so far this week. Take a few minutes and do this survey and help send a message about what you feel must be the priority policy agenda for the next Premier.