Friday, September 05, 2008

Alberta Socialist Meets Alaska Separatist

I love this photo for its cognitive dissonance. Alberta NDP Leader, Brian Mason is a Facebook Friend and a real friend. He is a hardworking and long suffering socialist politician in Alberta. He is a good guy...even if he is often wrong on the issues ;~)

Repubican VP Nominee, Sarah Palin was a one-time member of an Alaska independence political movement. That was before she went mainline as a moose eating Republican Governor in Alaska.

Some people wonder how I can be a proud Alberta Progressive Conservative and a staunch fan of Federal Liberal LeaderStephane Dion at the same time. Some even think it requires mental gymnastics to even be a progressive and conservative at the same time. They are usually harrow minded ideologues who tremble at the thought of uncertainty and would rather be wrong than curious or informed.

Looking at this photo of Alberta NDP leader Brian Mason and American Republican Vice President Candidate Sarah Palin shows me Mason "gets it." I also makes me smile and refreshes my memory as to why I love politics. It even helps reaffirm my faith that we can attract quality people into politics and for the right reasons - public service...not personal political power.

My guess is Brian understands how a citizen can engage in active politics and not be hampered by rabid adherence to a narrow ideology. He is going to have a lot of fun with this picture, especially amongst the staunch socialist in his party. Some of the more serious socialists in his circle will be praying this picture has been Photoshopped. Nope. It's the real thing according to Brian.

H/T to another Facebook Friend: Marisa Etmanski - who also gets it.