Monday, September 15, 2008

A Progressive Conservative Senator Speaks up on Climate Change

Here is what a Progressive Conservative thinks about climate change…and is prepared to speak up on the subject. Elaine McCoy was appointed to the Senate by Paul Martin as a Progressive Conservative, an identity she upholds even today.

Too bad Peter MacKay sold out the Progressive Conservative Brand after saying he would never do it - and then putting that promise in writing. Shameful - but not for a Harper Conservative - like he is now.

Can you imagine Stephen Harper appointing a person to the Senate from another party? He won’t even let his own MPs talk in public, never mind allowoing Cabinet Ministers to have a voice or even a thought that is not absolutely controlled by the PMO.

If Harper controls his government so tightly today, imagine what he would do with an unfettered majority!

(h/t to James Curran)


  1. Anonymous9:38 pm

    "Too bad Peter MacKay sold out the Progressive Conservative Brand after saying he would never do it - and then putting that promise in writing. Shameful - but not for a Harper Conservative - like he is now."

    LOL. No doubt you'd say this as the Liberals are going to get destroyed by the united right via the fractured left. Canada is going to become much more conservative or right wing - get used to it and stop crying. The natural governing party is now the conservative party of canada.

  2. Anonymous11:26 pm

    Note to all you party-zans... the rethoric and verbal slings is getting a bit tiring, but the rest of us know you can't really help yourselves.... so we will try to be patient... how many more weeks for this election farce?

    Any fence sitters... feel free to 'smart-n' up the party-zans and vote GREEN... what could it hurt to elect a few of them and send a message that NONE of the mainline parties is quite there yet.

    Not to repeat myself... but I guess I will 'cause it has been bothering me BIG TIME...

    A number of parties are 'ticking me off' and I have heard this from others... but hey I live on the marginzzzzzzs.

    Now the repeat: Where is the platform for this election????... it seems if the election is NECESSARY for an effective parlament to govern... they would have issues that they wanted the citizens' input on? NO? yes?

    I must have missed the platform announcements...

    'cause things have been really busy trying to provide damage control as my retirement investments head south...

    ...all caused by the dreaded carbon tax no doubt?

    Oh, it did not get put in place in time to take the blame for the economic downturn THIS TIME? {then it must be true that parlliment must really be ineffective otherwise some environment initiative should be in place in time to take the heat)

    Shades of NEP

    who knew?

    IF NOT then how are we to account for the economic pull back if the nasty environment policies did not cause it?

    ...current governing practices/ policies that are not in touch with the economic changes taking place?

    just curious,


  3. Anonymous12:25 pm

    You miss the point. Who elected Elaine McCoy? No one! She has no business being in the senate. If she wants to be there she should run in an election. The senate as it stands is as outmoded as the English house of lords or the monarchy throughout the world.

  4. Anonymous7:01 pm

    Why vote Green and waste a vote on a party that would destroy our economy when it is so fragile? May won't even get a seat in the House so what is the point? May is also the most socially conservative leader in the campaign by far.

  5. Anon re: elected Senator McCoy - who elected Harper's favourate Senator and who appointed him Minister of Public Works. Michael Fortier was too afraid to run in a by-election? Harper hypocracy yet again.

    Don't be so selective in your memory ANON - you might get labeled a Conservative.

  6. Anonymous10:47 pm

    According the polls, Canadians must have selective memory as well, that is voting for the Conservatives.

    I suggest having a liberal leadership right NOW to get prepared for the next election - maybe you'll have a chance then.

  7. Anonymous7:21 am

    Actually the previous guy about the senate never mentioned anything in support of Harper - simply that McCoy is unelected and has no business in the senate. Chapman has no argument against that and instead makes baseless assumptions - just like the rest of this blog.

    You can't have it both ways, Kenny.

  8. Anonymous10:32 am

    The series of anonymous posts above respecting Senator McCoy's appointment miss a critical point: our Senate is currently and appointed body and all of its members are appointed. Alberta's sham Senate elections did not change that, as it was ultimately left to the PM (Chretien, Martin or Harper) to pick and choose whether to appoint the winner, based mainly on whether it worked to the advantage of the PM's agenda.

    Those who actually look at the functioning of the Senate, as opposed to the rhetoric about it, are often impressed with the sophisticate, non-partisan debate and study that goes on there. Senator McCoy has continued in that tradition, and our government is better for her participation.

  9. Anonymous11:27 pm

    Anyone who claims to be a "Progressive Conservative" should be honest and just call themselves a Liberal. Like the owner of this blog!

  10. A Progressive Conservative in Alberta is essentially progressive.

    A federal Conservative is essentially NEO-REPUBLICAN.


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