Sunday, September 07, 2008

Congratulations CBC for Your ON-LINE Election Site.

This piece by Ira Basen on political spin on the CBC election site specifically dedicated to on-line and new media is worth a read. Do not default to political cynicism - merely skepticism - as a result of reading this. The Blogosphere is going to be a more voter oriented source of information on the election than ever before. Not any more authoritative than the MSM but I'm betting it will be more genuine and engaging.

Congratulations to the CBC for providing this on-line vehicle to help make that opportunity for engaged citizenship to happen.

Terrifying Harper thought...the ideological arts cuts he just did are a precursor to killing the CBC if he gets a majority. If Gywnne Dyer is an ideological enemy of the neo-Con Harper cabal, imagine how Harper must view the CBC.

Be afraid CBC fans - be very afraid.