Sunday, September 21, 2008

Conservative Candidates Canned for Character Flaws.

Another Tory candidate call it quits…or gets fired.

It has happened before - over a party appointed candidate who had a criminal record. OUCH!

I am at least thankful the fundamental character flaws in some Conservative candidates are coming out before the election and not afterwards. After being elected such poor quality candidates with obvious lacking of judgment would mean they would have the power to do some serious irreparable harm to Canadians and the country.

This all adds to the ballot question that Canadians are just starting to consciously ask themselves. “Is Stephen Harper the kind of person we want to lead this country if you can’t trust and believe him?” Is his party trustworthy enough and caring enough to govern us and speak for us? Or is this election all about Stephen Harper’s personal goal of gaining political power through control freak philosophies by using bullying and belligerent campaign tactics?

You already know can’t believe their political promises…think Income Trusts. He has no respect for the Rule of Law proven by his own breach of his own fixed date election law. Last weeks triple play of gaffe apologies that Harper had to admit to now seems like the tip of the iceberg. What else this politician still trying to hide from us?

Be careful who you vote for. And as you reflect carefully on that most serious decision about the future of you and your family think about if you can trust Stephen Harper. Are you going to be better off with a guy who raised taxes for the working poor and cut them for the upper class?

Are you doing better today because of his infamous GST reduction? Did you know that he did not really mean it when he said the private sector would provide 250,000 day care spaces. Did he tell you the $100 per child he provided last election, so you would have a choice for child care, was going to be tax back? It is not as if you forget to red the fine print on that promise is it? Ask yourself, is your child care situation improved and how much more choice do you have with this Harper half truth?

The Conservative campaign slogan, “We’re Better Off With Harper.” As a compassionate progressive Canadian I have reflected on this slogan. I think it could use an editing. Here is how I feel about Canada and being Canadian.

Here is how I would change the Conservative slogan: WE’RE BETTER! OFF WITH HARPER!” Seems closer to the truth don’t you think?.